About Us

Who are You?

We are multi-channel seller, who sell items on Ebay, Walmart, Etsy and Amazon.

We have started our business on Ebay in 2017. We had $10K investments for the start. And during our first year on Ebay we made revenue of $1.2M.

We’ve achieved such results due to our proprietary technology, which were built in house by our amazing IT team. And now we’re ready to share these technology with other sellers.

What is Onlihub?

Onlihub is one stop for multi-channel sellers. That service is built by seller for sellers.

We are focused on helping multi-channel sellers to manage their stores on different marketplaces and on providing valuable tools to reach new sales levels.

What Exactly You Want to Build?

We want to build the best in industry multi-channel service for online sellers.

We have everything to achieve it:

Amazing focused team
Deep expertise in the industry
Proprietary technology
Desire to make world better place

What are Your Main Advantages?

As a seller we understand the seller's pains very well. And we know how to solve most of these pains.

We don’t charge for quantity of features, we charge for their quality. All new tools and features will be available to our customers with no additional fees.

We’re building not just service for multi-channel sellers, we’re building a community of sellers, who want to bring their expertise and best practices and share with other sellers.

What are Your Values?