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Why Fulfillment by Onlihub?

Fast. 2-5 day shipping
Reliable. Our order accuracy is 99.8%
Affordable. Low rates. Starting at $4.99 (pick, pack, package and shipping included)
Predictable. Fixed fulfillment and storage fees
Transparent. What you see is what you pay. No hidden fees or surcharges

How it Works?


Connect your store on supported Sales Channels


Send us products to our fulfillment centers


Once you have a new order, we automatically get shipping details


We pick the item, pack it and ship to your customer

What are Your Fees?

$0 Receiving Fee
No Contract
No Minimum
No Dimensional Weight
No Shipping Zones
No Onboarding or Setup Fees

Onlihub has condensed all fulfillment costs into just two fees: Fulfillment and Storage.

Fulfillment Fees

Max item
Max item
fee per unit
18” x 14” x 3” 2 lbs Standard +
2-5 business day
4 oz or less 4.99
4 + to 8 oz 5.53
8 + to 12 oz 6.52
12 + to 16 oz 7.56
Expedited 1 + to 2 lb 11.34
2-3 business day 2 + to 3 lb 12.2

Storage fees

Storage is charged daily per SKU based on the total cubic volume in stock.
The storage fee is $0.022 per day ($0.65 per cubic foot monthly).
No charge for long-term storage.

We don’t charge storage fee for the item that have been shipped throughout the day.

Learn more about our storage fees.

Have a question?

What products do you accept at your warehouses?

We accept products with sizes not exceeded 18”x14”x3” and with max weight less than 2 lbs.
Also we don’t accept at the time Dangerous goods by the US DOT (e.g. SKU with batteries, aerosols, etc.). Please check all our limitations and restrictions here.

What integrations do you support?

We support integrations with Ebay, Walmart, Etsy and Shopify.

What carriers do you use?

We use different carriers, such as: USPS, UPS and DHL.

Do you fulfill Amazon orders?

We are actively working on fulfillment for Amazon merchants (FBM). This feature should be available to all merchants in the closest time.

Do you send inventory to FBA?

Yes, we do. You may use Onlihub as a temporary storage to restock your inventory at Amazon.

Where are your warehouses located?

We operate part of the 20 000 sq ft warehouse in the Mundelein, IL. We’re going to open 50 000 sq ft warehouse at the West Coast by the end of 2022.

Do you support returns?

Yes, we do.

What type of packaging options do you support?

We currently support only brand-neutral packaging and do not support custom branded packaging or inserts.

Do you ship internationally?

No. We don’t ship internationally at the moment.

What are Onlihub’s Fees?

Onlihub has condensed all fulfillment costs into just two fees: Fulfillment and Storage.

Fulfillment fee depends only on product shipping weight. Comparing with many other 3PLs we provide you all-inclusive per item fee (pick, pack, package and shipping included). You always know upfront how much will cost to ship the product. The full list of fulfillment fees can be found here.

Onlihub has a flat storage fee during all 12 months: $0.65 per cubic foot monthly. We don’t have long-term storage fees. You may find more information about our storage fees here.

Onlihub charges fees for additional services, such as: inventory removals or disposal, restocking Amazon inventory and returns. Those fees can be found here.

We don’t charge for receiving and dimensional weight. We also don’t have any onboarding or setup fees.

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