Fulfillment Fees

Starting at $4.99. Pay as you go

$0 Receiving
$0.022 storage fee for cubic ft per day.

Single rate for 48 states. Picking, packing and shipping included.

Onlihub has condensed all fulfillment costs into just two fees: Fulfillment and Storage.

Fulfillment Fees

Max item
Max item
fee per unit
18” x 14” x 3” 2 lbs Standard +
2-5 business day
4 oz or less 4.99
4 + to 8 oz 5.53
8 + to 12 oz 6.52
12 + to 16 oz 7.56
Expedited 1 + to 2 lb 11.34
2-3 business day 2 + to 3 lb 12.2

Storage fees

Storage is charged daily per SKU based on the total cubic volume in stock.
The storage fee is $0.022 per day ($0.65 per cubic foot monthly).
No charge for long-term storage.

We don’t charge storage fee for the item that have been shipped throughout the day.

Learn more about our storage fees.

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