Storage Fees

Onlihub does charge a storage fee on the daily basis per each SKU.


Storage is charged daily per SKU based on the total cubic volume in stock.

The storage fee is $0.022 per day ($0.65 per cubic foot monthly).

No charge for long-term storage.

We don’t charge storage fee for the item that have been shipped throughout the day.

How does Onlihub Calculate
a Storage Fee for Each SKU?

Onlihub uses standard calculation:

1. Cubic ft per 1 SKU = (L x W x H) / 1728
2. Total cubic ft = Total quantity x Cubic ft per 1 SKU
3. Storage fee = Total cubic ft x daily storage fee (according to pricing below)


Let’s say you have the product with next dimensions: 10” (L) x 8” (W) x 2” (H).
And assume that you have 1000 pieces that you want to store at our warehouses.

Let’s do a quick math.

1. Cubic ft per 1 SKU = (10 x 8 x 2) / 1728 = 0.0925
2. Total cubic ft = 1000 x 0.0925 = 92.5
3. Storage fee = 92.5 x $0.65 = $60.1 per month for 1000 pieces

Does Onlihub Increase
Storage Rates for the Period
from September through December?

No. Comparing with many others 3PL companies we have flat storage fee for all 12 months.

From January through December – our storage fee is $0.022 per cubic foot per day.

Does Onlihub Charge for
Long-term Storage?

No. We don’t charge for long-term storage.

When Should Customer
Pay for Storage?

Customer will be billed every two weeks for storage.

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