and Restrictions

Onlihub does not allow any of the following types of products in our fulfillment centers at the moment.

Please note, if products in violation of these guidelines are submitted to the Onlihub fulfillment centers they will be returned or disposed of at the cost to Merchant.

Onlihub is not responsible for any costs or losses incurred related to these products. Products that cannot be safely returned will be destroyed.

Product weight must be less than 2 lbs. The longest side is less than 18”, median side less than 14” and the shortest side is less than 3”.

Products that have any condition other than new.

Products classified as 'hazardous' by the US DOT (e.g. aerosols, perfumes, etc.).

Products that require special attention handling but are not limited to:

These products must be packaged properly to ensure the safety of handlers and eliminate any chance for damage, spills, or leaks. Product packaging should be able to withstand the rigors of shipping without requiring any special handling. Onlihub’s fulfillment centers will refuse to receive such products if they deem them to be a handling or safety hazard, which will be considered non-compliant and incur associated fees, including removal

Products that require temperature, expiration, lot, sterilized location, or upright/directional storage control.

Products with unauthorized marketing materials

Products that have been illegally replicated, reproduced, or manufactured

Products with legal restrictions or prohibited by law in the place of origin, the destination, or any sites through which the products may travel

Products that require any additional preparation before shipping or storing

Products requiring specific licenses to store or distribute including:

High-value products, or restricted monetary equivalents, including:

CBD Products

Defective and/or damaged products

Non-conveyable products

Adult, "Adult use only," adult-oriented, or adult-themed products are restricted unless it meets the discreet packaging requirements below, except for the name of the product on the barcode: Discreet packaging should be opaque with no visibility to the product. If transparent packaging, the item must not have any explicit sexual images or words. Posters or flyers which require rolling or packaging to prevent crushing

Products or product packaging that deteriorate or get damaged during the handling in the warehouse or transportation or during extended storage or after being dropped and vigorously shook

Products that Onlihub otherwise determines as unsuitable

Onlihub reserves the right to deny removal requests for and destroy any inventory identified as counterfeit.