Sell on Ebay, Walmart
and Etsy using Onlihub’s stores

There is a long list of reasons why Amazon seller may not be approved to sell on Ebay, Walmart and Etsy. But that does not mean that your items should not be sold there. Use our service Onlihub Auto to sell * items on supported Sales Channels.

*If your items are compiled with Ebay, Walmart and Etsy policies.

What are the Benefits?

Reach over 200 million of customers with just in a few clicks
Increase your overall sales
Diversify your sales
Acquaint customers with your brand outside your current sales channels
Get Onlihub support. We will take care of customer support, returns, cases and negative feedback

How it Works?

1. Register at Onlihub and complete Onboarding process.
2. Send your items to our warehouses.
3. Once we receive your items, we will automatically list them on Ebay, Walmart and Etsy.
4. When item is sold, we will pick, pack and ship item to the customer.
5. We will transfer money every two weeks to Wise, Payoneer or US bank account (based on your preference).

Have a question?

Why I should sell outside Amazon?

Amazon visit 231M of buyers every month. This is the leading US sales channel.

Meanwhile, there are 3 other popular sales channels in the US: eBay with 87M buyers, Walmart with 80M buyers and Etsy with 37M monthly buyers (according to Similarweb).

Reach over 200 million buyers on other US sales channels in just few clicks. Acquaint customers with your brand outside the Amazon.

What are requirements for Onlihub Auto?

There are only 2 requirements:

Product should be stored at Onlihub’s warehouses.
You need to provide us Supplier price for each product.

Supplier price is the fixed amount which you want to receive once product is sold. This is usually all your expenses to produce item and deliver it to us plus your desired profit.

Are there any fees to use Onlihub Auto?

No, it is completely free.

How do we cooperate if you list my products on your stores?

When we list your products on our stores you become our supplier. Our relationship is governed by our
Supplier Terms and Conditions.

How I will be paid?

We pay you every two weeks. Each payment includes amounts for sold products in the past 14 days. Payment might be transferred to Wise, Payoneer or US bank account.

Where will you get the content for my products?

We will use your titles, images, descriptions and specifications which you provide to Amazon. We require that you grant us a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable and royalty free license to use your content. In other words you provide us a permission to use content of your products.

What about returns?

If customers return item to us, we will deduct the Supplier price from you balance. All returns will be processed for free. Also you will be not charged for shipping cost of returning item.

Please note, if product return rate is more than 3%, we may stop selling that item on our stores.

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