Use Onlihub as a Temporary
Storage for your
Amazon FBA Products

Flat daily storage rate $0.022 per cubic feet for 12 months. No long-term storage fee.

Why do you Need Temporary Storage?

Amazon set a restock limits per storage type, based on seller’s past and forecasted sales.
Meaning that if your sales drop – your restock limits will be cut. And you will not be able to store desirable quantity products at Amazon.
Thousands of Amazon sellers were impacted by this new policy.

How Onlihub May Help You?

Store your products at our warehouses. Send your products directly to us from manufacturer.
Restock your Amazon inventory on time and on demand.

Become a multi-channel seller. Diversify your selling options. Sell on other popular marketplaces:
Ebay, Etsy and Walmart and on your own online store, powered by Shopify.

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Do you accept all products at your warehouses?

We accept products with sizes not exceeded 18”x14”x3” and with max weight less than 2 lbs. Also we don’t accept at the time Dangerous goods by the US DOT (e.g. SKU with batteries, aerosols, etc.). Please check all our limitations and restrictions here.

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